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Axxon Intellect protecting Mongolian streets and roads

Ulan Bator is the capital as well as cultural, economic and touristic hub of Mongolia. A multifaceted city of many contrasts, Ulan Bator combines ancient Buddhist monasteries with modern commercial centers and gleaming business towers.


As city infrastructure has mushroomed, residents have complained of typical "big city" problems: increased levels of crime in public places and high traffic density, which leads to road gridlock and accidents. The city administration decided to tackle these problems by installing forensic surveillance at public transport stops and on transport lines, in order to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and keep the city's streets safe.

Selection of solution and installation

Many requirements were placed on the future security system. The system needed to ensure citizen safety at transport stops, perform license plate recognition with high reliability, support a distributed infrastructure that is scalable and supportive of high image quality, and more. All of these requirements were met by selecting the Intellect PSIM from AxxonSoft. For road safety monitoring, an Auto Intellect solution based on Intellect was selected.

A key differentiator of Intellect from competing products is the ability to adapt Intellect-powered systems to the needs of specific projects, independent of system size or industry. The modular architecture allows clients to select only the features they need to build an effective system that is tailor-made for the security needs of a particular site.

New Intellect-based system: results to date

The new system on the streets and roads of Ulan Bator keeps an eye – that is to say, 129 cameras – on the city's road situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. GeoVision cameras and Tattile cameras with on-board license plate recognition have been installed on city streets. In addition, CCTV cameras (a PTZ camera with on-board recognition technology) have been installed in police cars. A total of 2 main servers and 6 mobile servers comprise the system backend, plus 8 remote clients.

During installation and setup, employees of AxxonSoft and installer SECTECH rose to the occasion and met all of the client's project requirements.

Thus the solution allowed making police work more efficient and getting the upper hand on booming traffic flows in the Mongolian capital. The Intellect-based integrated security system provides more than just real-time information about traffic on public transport lines – it also ensures effective video surveillance in public gathering places, including transport stops. The installed system also has allowed identifying license plates of cars that violate traffic rules: car travel is allowed on only certain days in Mongolia, with the license plate number determining the time/day when one can legally drive.

Our partner

SECTECH has been operating on the security market in Mongolia since 2003. The company specializes in integration of video surveillance, access control, fire/security alarms, and other high-tech security solutions.

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"AxxonSoft support is second to none. When transitioning your largest customer to a new software platform there is always a major concern. AxxonSoft stood by me every step of the way and used all there resources to make this a success."

Gene Parisi, President, Proactive Solutions (AxxonSoft Partner - USA)

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