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Intelligent Search in Recorded Video

Video surveillance systems are constantly expanding to include more cameras. Tracking down valuable information in this abundance of video data can be a daunting task. To get the most out of modern HD video capabilities, you need help managing the huge volume of recorded video.

How Intelligent Search Works

AxxonSoft has intelligent technologies to help you find what you need — and faster. You’ll never have to sift through hours of recordings from dozens of cameras again. Just set your search criteria, and you’ll have the results in a few seconds. This makes the search process really interactive!

Applies Video Analytics

The principle of AxxonSoft’s intelligent search operation is applying video analytics to extract meaningful data from the video feed when it is recorded.

Stores Metadata

This metadata is stored in the dedicated database and linked to the video footage.

Searches by Criteria

When you set the search criteria, AxxonSoft software quickly analyzes the metadata and retrieves video episodes that match your search query.

AxxonSoft offers four types of intelligent search in recorded video