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Axxon VMS blows away the competition in Benchmark Magazine’s (U.K.) independent testing


Axxon VMS, the new video management software (VMS) platform from AxxonSoft, has received rave reviews, taking first place in comparison testing by Benchmark Magazine, a British publication. The magazine performed independent testing of VMS solutions in its October and November issues. Alongside Axxon VMS, the testers carefully examined the other leading VMS options on the market worldwide: Milestone XProtect Express, Exacq Exacqvision, Digifort Enterprise and Luxriot Advanced.

The testing categories were features and functions, installation and use, video management, and security performance. Axxon VMS swept the field, taking top marks in every category.

Reviewers at Benchmark Magazine were impressed by the features of Axxon VMS. One of the features unique to AxxonSoft's offering is automatic detection of connected IP devices: Axxon VMS recognized practically all cameras tested, except for a few which were recognized as standard ONVIF devices and required manual configuration. The closest competitor recognized only half of the cameras attempted.

Other standout features were TimeCompressor, for quickly reviewing archive events; the powerful video analytics included for free with every license, and MomentQuest2, a system for forensic search of video archives. As Benchmark Magazine found, "After spending some time working with MomentQuest2, it is certainly worth paying for." Alone among the features of Axxon VMS, MomentQuest2 is not included with the free version of Axxon VMS, but rather is available as an optional paid add-on. All other features are included in all system licenses.

Another key feature of Axxon VMS, as the magazine found, is its well thought-out user interface, which offers quick access to a wide range of options, even in the free version. "It sounds odd, and is a different approach, but it works well and it allows 16:9 and 4:3 images to coexist without any compromise on layout." Benchmark Magazine's praise continues: "With the VMS package being free of charge for up to 16 inputs, you do find yourself expecting a limitation or two to crop up, but they don't (accepting the lack of MomentQuest2 and the 1 TB archive limit)."

Summarizing their findings, the magazine pronounced Axxon VMS the most refined, feature-rich VMS contender and deemed it "something of a line in the sand for VMS options". They added, "It packages together a clean and intuitive interface with a good degree of functionality and flexibility. Whilst it is free of charge for single-server 16 camera applications (albeit without the forensic search function and with an archive limitation of 1 TB), even adding the license fee for MomentQuest2 plus any additional channels still makes it stand out as the value proposition for credible video management."

In fact, Axxon VMS did so well that the testing was not quite fair to its big-name competitors – almost: "In reality, the inclusion of Axxon VMS in the test did reduce the overall ratings of the other products, because it offers pretty much everything most sites meeting our specification will need!"

The online versions of the October and November issues with the test results are available on the Benchmark Magazine website.

About Benchmark Magazine

Benchmark is the only magazine in the security industry dedicated to delivering vital information to those tasked with the specification and/or purchase of security solutions. It achieves this by testing and assessing systems, by analyzing working practices, and by delivering independent information relating to the benefits and options offered by advanced technologies.

Benchmark allows its readers to collate a wide range of totally unbiased and independent data, generated from tests and assessments, technical analysis and application-specific experience, and use this information to ensure that their specification and buying decisions are made with a background of real-world information.

About Axxon VMS

Axxon VMS is best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software that is based on open standards to offer a truly open platform. Axxon VMS’s reliability, performance, and convenience are unmatched on the market. Unprecedented flexibility and freedom of configuration combine with support for an unlimited number of video servers, cameras, workstations and mobile client devices, and more than 1,000 models of IP cameras. The advanced ergonomic interface makes all functions intuitively easy to use and find. A transparent customer-oriented pricing policy allows all users to take advantage of the program’s full functionality, regardless of system size. Axxon VMS is available in a free version with support for 16 connected cameras and an included license for video detection tools.

Free 16 channel version of Axxon VMS is available at www.axxonsoft.com