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Axxon VMS now updated to version 3.5.1


AxxonSoft is delighted to announce the release of version 3.5.1 of the company's Axxon VMS video management software (VMS). The developers' main efforts in the new update went to expanding features, implementing new functionality, and improving ease of use.

Highlights in version 3.5.1 includes geomaps integration and new features for working with recorded video, reinforcing Axxon VMS's well-deserved reputation as an outstanding system for video analytics.

Key new features for users in the updated version:

Information boards can be added to layouts alongside surveillance viewing tiles. Information boards are a quick, visual way of monitoring two types of information: health of system components and statistics for events matching a user-set filter over a selected time period.

OpenStreetMap integration allows downloading site map imagery from the Internet automatically in real time.

Live video thumbnails on maps mean that every camera marker on a map displays a thumbnail of the video from that camera, offering even more information at a glance. Video thumbnails are displayed in all map modes: 2D, 3D, and immersion mode.

Comments for recorded video and comments search: operators can now leave text comments for a frame, scene, or alert. Comments can be also used to find video: a search term is typed in a special field and the results pane displays all frames that have comments containing the text.

Save MomentQuest2 forensic search queries: save and name recurring MomentQuest2 searches to increase operator efficiency. Saved queries are shown as tabs in the lower part of the video window. Users can click a tab to view the corresponding search results.

New feature of setting parameters for forensic search. The interface of forensic search in MomentQuest2 archive is updated in a new version. The process of creating a query is now easy-to-understand and use. Now you are to choose one of the main criteria: line crossing, search in the area or motion from one area to another and then set one or several extra search parameters: size, color, speed, direction, number of objects and duration of presence.

In addition to these new tools, Axxon VMS 3.5.1 has features that make video surveillance easier and more convenient: new resize logic when adjusting layout size, as well as panoramic display of video from cameras with ImmerVision lenses. Video detection tools can be configured to conserve bandwidth, depending on whether a high-resolution or low-resolution stream is necessary.

Support for IP devices has been included as well, with Drivers Pack 3.2.21. For details on what the Drivers Pack is, where to download the latest version, and which hardware is supported, please visit page.

These aren't all of the exciting innovations in Axxon VMS 3.5.1: find all of the details about the latest version in the release notes. Download the installer here.

Axxon VMS is installed in trial mode and can be activated as a free or commercial version. The free version supports 1 server, 16 video channels, 1 TB of recorded video, and an unlimited number of clients.