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AxxonSoft joins Intel® Software Partner Program


AxxonSoft joined the Intel® Software Partner Program and received the Premier Elite status which opens up broad prospects for optimizing the work of AxxonSoft software run on Intel hardware.

The optimization of resource-intensive apps, such as video processing software, is a priority task for software developers since a properly optimized software will not require excessively powerful hardware and as such will be more cost-efficient. This is particularly relevant for major projects which may include hundreds and even thousands of video cameras, such as video surveillance systems at industrial enterprises, railway lines, pipelines, and the Safe City-type systems.

Major projects are one of the principal applications of the Axxon PSIM software suite and its optimization is therefore crucial. As part of its cooperation with Intel, AxxonSoft received Intel equipment for tests, including pre-release CPUs. Following the tests, AxxonSoft devised the Intellect software optimization recommendations. These will ensure the most efficient use of Intel’s new generation CPUs and built-in graphics processing capability.

About Intel® Software Partner Program

In 2006 Intel launched its global Intel® Software Partner Program tailored for independent software developers. Any company that develops commercial software or services based on Intel platforms and technology can take part in the program. The corporation offers software developers a number of economic, technical and marketing advantages at all main developing stages. Using these, the developers can create applications of greater reliability and performance within shorter periods of time.