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Face PSIM 8.0 Is Released


AxxonSoft has released the Face PSIM 8.0 face recognition module, which operates as part of the Axxon PSIM software platform. The new version introduces functions that help implement measures to reduce the spread of infections, updates versions of face recognition engines, and improves user interface.

Fever-Screening Camera Integration

IP cameras for measuring body temperature combine two channels — thermal (infrared) and standard. The face detector working on the standard channel determines the coordinates of faces in the frame, which are used by the thermographic algorithm to figure out their temperature from the thermal image. Both video streams are transmitted to Intellect; temperature values can be displayed in live video and when viewing the video footage.

Face PSIM receives a face image and temperature from the camera, and the temperature value is recorded in the database of captured faces along with gender, age, hair color, and other characteristics recognized from the image. A filter by temperature has been added to the face search interface, which enables you to display a list of faces with a specified temperature range.

You can configure a temperature threshold and an automatic response to its exceeding, e.g., alerting the operator. Integration with access control systems makes it possible to automatically restrict access to people with an elevated body temperature.

Face Mask Detection

Face PSIM recognizes the presence or absence of a mask on a face (when using engines that support this feature). The parameter of the presence/absence of a mask is recorded in the database when capturing a face, which enables viewing the list of captured faces with or without masks. An automatic response scenario can be configured in relation to the event of the presence/absence of a mask. For example, using an integrated access control system, you can restrict the access of people without masks to facilities where wearing a mask is a mandatory sanitary measure.

Search for Contacts

Face PSIM enables you to find people who have been in contact with the selected person, that is, caught in the FoV of cameras at the same time. This feature can be used to spot the contacts of a person with a confirmed coronavirus infection, or in the investigation of illegal actions to search for persons who have come into contact with a suspect.

To search for contacts, a standard search for faces similar to the selected image is first launched, and then, for each match found, an automatic search is performed for faces that have entered the frame within a specified time before and after the moment of recognition of the original face.

Interface Improvements

Filters for face characteristics have been unified in all tabs of the face recognition and search interface. You can display all or only recognized/unrecognized faces and filter them by all available characteristics: gender, minimum and maximum age, temperature range, the presence of a mask, glasses, mustache and beard, emotion, and other parameters. When you export a face to a file, all its recognized characteristics are exported as well.

Working with the reference faces database, it is now possible to filter faces by several fields simultaneously, particularly first name, last name, patronymic, and comment. In the face recognition and search interface, those belonging to the selected departments can now be highlighted, and the color and text of the alert window title are now customizable.

Recognition Engines Update

Tevian SDK has been updated to version 2.12.1. Accuracy and performance have been improved; types of masks have been added. Several versions of the Tevian SDK can now be installed in the Face PSIM system at the same time. The version used is selected in the settings; when switching between versions, the databases with biometric characteristics of reference and captured faces are automatically recreated.

VisionLabs SDK has been updated to version 4.2.0. The recognition of additional face characteristics has been added.

The Tevian and VisionLabs SDKs are now GPU-enabled, which provides a dramatic improvement of the face recognition server performance.

STC SDK has been updated to version 4.6.1. New profiles setting the speed and accuracy of recognition have been added.

Face PSIM 8.0 works with Intellect 4.11. For a complete list of changes in the new version, see the release notes. You can download the installer on the Downloads page.