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New Drivers Pack 3.2.6 released, supports ONVIF integration


An update has been released for the Drivers Pack that enables support for IP equipment in AxxonSoft products. Version 3.2.6 includes support for 47 new devices, including:

  • Axis P5512
  • Axis M5013
  • Basler BIP2-1920c-dn
  • Basler BIP2-D1920c-dn
  • LTV-ICDM1-423
  • LTV-ICDM1-623LH-V3.3-12
  • LTV-ICDM1-723H-V3.3-12
  • LTV-ICDM2-423
  • LTV-ICDM2-623LH-V3.3-12
  • LTV-ICDM2-723H-V3.3-12
  • LTV-ICDV-423
  • Samsung SNB-2000
  • Samsung SNB-2000P
  • Samsung SND-3080C
  • Samsung SNO-5080R
  • Sentry360 IS-DM 220
  • UDP IPE5500
  • UDP NVC1000

Please note that starting with the current release the Drivers Pack will provide support for equipment compatible with AxxonSoft solutions via the ONVIF protocol. The lists of supported IP devices are provided by the manufacturers that have carried out tests to ensure their equipment’s compatibility with AxxonSoft software via ONVIF. The current Drivers Pack release supports the following J2000-series IP devices by Satro Paladin and RVi series by RVi Group:

  • J2000IP-B111-PDN
  • J2000IP-B112-PDN
  • J2000IP-B120-PDN
  • J2000IP-B121-PDN
  • J2000IP-B130-PDN
  • J2000IP-D111-Ir1-PDN
  • J2000IP-D112-Ir1-PDN
  • J2000IP-DWV111-DN
  • J2000IP-DWV112-DN
  • J2000IP-DWV120-Ir1-PDN
  • J2000IP-DWV121-Ir1-PDN
  • J2000IP-PW120-Ir4-PDN
  • J2000IP-PW121-Ir4-PDN
  • J2000IP-PW112-Ir4-PDN
  • J2000IP-PWH120-Ir4-PDN
  • J2000IP-PWH121-Ir4-PDN
  • J2000IP-PWH112-Ir4-PDN
  • J2000IP-SDW120-24x30DN
  • J2000IP-SDW120-24x36DN
  • J2000IP-SDW121-24x18DN
  • RVi-IPC20DN
  • RVi-IPC21
  • RVi-IPC21DN
  • RVi-IPC21DNL
  • RVi-IPC31DN
  • RVi-IPC50DN36
  • RVi-IPC51DN18
  • RVi-IPS125
  • RVi-IPS4100

Moreover, IP camera manufacturers can now integrate their devices themselves using the documentation provided by AxxonSoft. The first example of such are the BEWARD IP cameras. The driver and the installation package will be delivered by the equipment manufacturer, the Beward company. The responsibility for the proper functioning of AxxonSoft software with such equipment therefore rests with the equipment manufacturer that is also to provide technical support.

Please find a full list of equipment supported by the current Drivers Pack release here alongside the list of devices integrated with AxxonSoft software by manufacturers.

You can download the Drivers Pack setup file from here.

The Drivers Pack is an independent installation module that enables support for IP-equipment in AxxonSoft products. The module allows integrating new IP equipment in a system based on AxxonSoft software without having to wait for an update of the main software or reinstalling it.
Drivers Pack 3.2.6 is recommended as an update for Axxon PSIM (Axxon PSIM Lite) 4.8.2 and Axxon Smart PRO (Axxon Smart Start) 2.1.x solutions without having to reinstall the main software.